Miani emerged from a deep love for nature, beauty and sustainability.

Upon discovering the devastating effects of conventional fashion manufacturing, not only on humanity, but also on our ecosystem and Mother Earth, we couldn’t help but not wanting to be part of this ever again. Seeing the magnitude of plastics produced for activewear, synthetics and packaging. Becoming aware of the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals in softeners and dyes used to turn our so called “natural products” such as cotton, wool, bamboo into the soft and beautiful fabrics we love. Recycled plastic fabrics that often are only ‘green-washed’ and China producing extra plastic bottles to then straight away ‘recycle’ them. The consecutive lack in the ability to not only find eco-fashion that really stands up to their sustainability claims, but also enhances the feminine style and beauty, MIANI was created …

MIANI Stands for adventure love, the determination & persistence to pave your own path of identity, integrity & standing up for your values.

After years of research and sourcing the most luxe yet truly sustainable, environmentally conscious and ethical options out there, we are pleased to share our footprints with you. We also hope to inspire you to create your own.