MIANI Fabric Guide

‘The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world… second only to oil.’

– Eileen Fisher

Ever complained about the amount of plastic packaging with food, plastic bottles, and plastic bags being washed up by the beach, or ending up in a cute turtle’s stomach?

Our beloved functional gear really is glorified plastic too. Sorry to be the spoiler.

Read more about the challenges of conventional fabrics, the greenwashing of bamboo, hemp and recycled polyester, but also their sustainable opportunities here.

All our fabrics, packaging and labelling are 100% certified organic or Bluesign approved and dyed using natural, toxin-free colours only.

After years of searching, we have found inspiring, transparent and forward-thinking partners for our entire supply chain. From certified organic or bluesign approved fabrics to recycled buttons, toxin-free & biodegradable labels and packaging, all the way through to the manufacturing of the garments.

These are the high-performance fabrics we use and LOVE at MIANI

Organic Merino Wool
Organic Marino Wool

Products: Merino Poncho, Merino Sweater

Functionality: Super soft and soothing

Natural Thermoregulation: Keeping you cool in summer & warm in winter

Anti-bacterial (= less body odour and less washing needed!)

Durable (Keep as lifetime favourites)

Moisture wicking

Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton

Products: Playsuits, Cotton Poncho, Cotton Sweater

Functionality: Soft, Absorbent, Breathable

Natural Thermoregulation: Keeping you cool in summer & warm in winter


MIANI Performance Fabric
MIANI Performance Fabric

Products: Performance Activewear Range

3XDRY Technology

MIANI is dedicated to the highest performance and feminine style. Our performance gear has been designed not only to wick moisture away from the inside layer as you sweat but to expel it on the outside which prevents sweat marks from showing and dries up super fast.

MIANI performance wear always has you covered, from the studio to the street.

coldblack® Technology

Light colored textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, meaning both heat and light. Dark colored textiles absorb both types of rays and therefore absorb heat. coldblack® reduces this absorption of heat rays particularly in the case of darker colors and in all types of textiles. The result is tangibly better heat management.

+ 4-way stretch, breathable

By purchasing MIANI products, you are contributing to a better, more sustainable and empowered planet.

Thank you for being part of the change.

Toxinfree. Ethical. Luxe.